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  • Andrew Keller, CEO, Crispin Porter + Bogusky

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    WS: What do you look for in a student book? And what impresses you?

    AK: Attitude. Are they going for it? Or are they lazy? Are they doing all the same things everyone else is doing? Have they invented anything? Is the work interactive and engaging or is it just two-dimensional?

    WS: How important is finish? If ideas are the most important thing, can sketches be enough? Do you look at physical books anymore, or is it all websites?

    AK: If you are an art director you have to be able to design. I’m over “idea people” that don’t possess manual skills of any kind. Sketches may indicate laziness or lack of passion. If you love it, why not make it? I like some sort of physicality still in a portfolio, mainly because the alternative puts the burden on me to seek out and manage the presentation, and I don’t have time for that.

    WS: How important is writing? Do you need to see long copy?

    AK: I don’t have to see it, but if I did and it was good, I would hire that person. The question is, why are you a writer if you don’t write?

    WS: What do you think of showing work that is not advertising? Things like art, journal writing, photography, hobbies, etc.

    AK: It’s fine and can show true skills as long as the person is truly passionate about advertising. I’m not a fan of people who do advertising while they are waiting to do their real passion.

    WS: Do you have any other advice for a student or junior?

    AK: There is no lack of jobs, only lack of skills. Cultivate a passion for everything. Learn digital.

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