• Two New Books

    First, we are excited to announce our second book:

    BREAKING IN: Product Design

    Author Amina Horozic spent the past two years interviewing over 100 Product Design luminaries about how to build a great portfolio and land the job you want. Their collective advice, tips, tricks, and wisdom will be invaluable to students and anyone who wants to get into the industry. We want to thank everyone who contributed an interview—you are amazing.

    Also, we have launched a new, updated and expanded, second edition of the original book:

    BREAKING IN: Advertising

    Author William Burks Spencer has added 29 new interviews with Creative Directors from all over the world. The total number of interviews is now over 130 and much more global in scope. Students and juniors in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia will find invaluable advice from Creative Directors much closer to home.

    And, as if that weren’t enough, we have this snazzy new website and URL as well. Last but not least, we changed our Twitter name to the shorter and snappier @breakingin so please follow us there or enter your email address above and let the new blog posts come to you.

    Read the full interview in BREAKING IN: Learn more about the book or Buy it on Amazon
    The book contains over three times more interview content.