• Interview Excerpt: Branko Lukic, Founder, NONOBJECT, Palo Alto

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    AH: What kinds of portfolios get your attention these days? What brings in a product designer for an interview?

    BL: Their thinking. There are way too many portfolios out there that are the same. It’s very rare to see unique thinking—the ability to not be drawn into the paella of the Internet. The unfortunate side effect of the Internet is that everyone becomes a similar thinker because of the fact that people get insights by what they see. So what gets my attention is unique thinking—big, broad thinking that expands beyond the norm, beyond the status quo, and the usual practice of design.

    AH: Have you seen a portfolio recently that had that kind of thinking?

    BL: Not yet. I’ve seen good bits and pieces here and there, but not an entire portfolio.

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    AH: What characteristics or qualities are necessary for the designer to have in order to succeed?

    BL: Hard work and passion. This access to convenience has made the newer generations not so eager to work hard on their own practice—on their own journey to discover the purpose of design. To work hard just like Michelangelo did in his time. It’s about practicing your art, practicing the art of innovation, of thinking for practical purposes, for emotional design, for how you live, for questioning things continuously. Keeping your inner child alive, always pushing forward.

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    AH: If you were just starting out now, what advice would you give yourself?

    BL: Follow your intuition—it’s very important. And work hard. Ask yourself why are you doing this? Have a very positive outlook and attitude toward the world. Optimism is critical. When you run into an obstacle always know that there’s a way around it. That optimism will help you drive forward.

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    Branko Lukic of NONOBJECT

    Branko Lukic of NONOBJECT

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