Product Design
  • Interview with David Lubars, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer, 
BBDO North America, New York

    In case you missed it, check out some of David Lubars’s work here.

    WS: What do you look for in a student book? And what impresses you?

    DL: I look to be jealous—I want to see stuff that I wish we were doing.

    WS: Can a book of sketches be enough, or do ideas need to be comped up nicely?

    DL: You need to show big ideas and how they can be delivered across several channels. The more finished, the better.

    WS: Is it important to have long copy in a book?

    DL: It’s nice to have any copy, writing seems to be a lost art. But, no, you don’t need long copy—the best ideas can be summed up in a text message.

    WS: What do you think about including “non-ads” in a book?

    DL: It’s good to show a range, especially today where content can take on many forms, from art installations to TV shows to whatever.

    WS: Do you have any tips for someone who wants to get into the business?

    DL: You have to want to work long, hard hours, and you need to possess a healthy degree of paranoia.

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