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  • Mira Kaddoura, Senior Art Director, Wieden+Kennedy, Portland

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    WS: What do you look for in a student book? And what impresses you?

    MK: A voice. Someone with a point of view I haven’t seen before. And craft. Someone who pays attention to crafting their work. It so obvious when a person loves what they do. They pay attention to detail, to type, to words, to proportions, to how things come together, and so on. You know, old school.

    WS: How important is finish? Can sketches be enough?

    MK: Initially, sketches are fine, but to really sell an idea you have to bring it to life as best you can. A great idea, poorly executed, is a total miss.

    WS: Do you mostly just look at websites now or paper books?

    MK: Mostly websites. I have to say though, when I do get a book and it’s beautifully crafted and where I can see the art direction and read the copy at the size it was printed, I get pretty excited.

    WS: What do you think about long copy? Do writers need it?

    MK: You have to have long copy. You see so many writers nowadays that just don’t write anymore. Writing and campaigns show me thinking. And that, more than anything, is what I’m looking for.

    WS: What do you think about showing work that isn’t advertising?

    MK: Yes, please. So many books look alike. Show me what you’re passionate about. Show me what you’re going to bring to the table. Show me what gets you excited and, most importantly, how you think.

    WS: Do you have any other advice?

    MK: Put yourself out there. Meet people. As many as you can. Take them to coffee. Pick their brains. Try to learn what you can from them. Who knows, maybe if they like who you are or what you’ve got they’ll either hire you, hook you up with people they think might hire you, or just keep you in mind for later if nothing’s open right now. I think the biggest piece of advice is don’t try to copy what every other student is doing. Do your own thing. And show me how passionate you are about whatever it is you do. People are attracted to people who inspire them. Remember that and you’ll be fine.

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