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    Greg Hahn is Executive Creative Director at BBDO New York.

    Lee Jeans – Buddy Lee – “Car”

    EDS – “Cat Herding”

    HBO Voyeur

    HBO Imagine


    AT&T – Should From a Mountaintop Social Campaign

    Sports Illustrated



    The Children’s Classic Boot. Designed to allow your child to play outdoors–the birthplace of play. The Children’s Classic Boot was created around the developmental needs of a child’s foot and the waterproof construction provides the rugged flexibility needed from a child’s shoe. Perfect for kids who know that real adventures don’t have soundtracks and title sequences.


    Windows are put into buildings to make you think you are outside. Do not be fooled, you are not outside. Alas, this is nothing more than another thinly veiled attempt to keep you securely locked within the warm berber-carpeted grasp of this place known as “in.” This is the same kind of thinking that has led to plastic potted plants, nature CD’s and horror among horrors, the treadmill. But fear not, these ploys have not gone unnoticed. There are still those who realize that the outdoors is not to be simulated, virtualized, or otherwise “brought indoors” (a favorite expression among the purveyors of “in”). The outdoors is to be experienced in all its glorious, humbling, and refreshingly un-sanitized out-ness. As such, we are launching a highly potent arsenal of finely crafted outdoor wear geared to help you venture beyond the confines of “in.” Footwear and apparel designed to let you suck up every last moment of “out” until your spirit has been fully purged of each and every ion of fluorescence and freon, and the chattering white noise in your head has been replaced by a voice you swear belongs to that 10-year-old kid in your mom’s pictures. And that, friends, is when you will know that you are outside. Timberland. Seek Out.

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